I’m working 11 hours today, 11 hours tomorrow and 8 hours on Friday.

Saturday is my day off and I will try to draw and finish some pictures!!

Oh my goddd someday I will learn to not reblig shit to my art blog

test to see if the new pen would work - it does!

test to see if the new pen would work - it does!

I should be getting a new tablet pen in a few days so yay!!! Some art maybe?

So I brought my tablet to work and I WAS gonna draw some stuff on my break but I FORGO T THE FUCKING PEN AT HOMEE

so here are some wip to show you what i’ve been up to

Roll with Havana twists tho

Roll with Havana twists tho

Anonymous asked:
"Could you do Fireman with pallete number 9, please?"

Sorry for taking so long!!! I’ve been busy settling into my new job.

Fireman, wow, what a hottie.

Just to say I am drawing I just got a job recently tho so it’s cut down on my free time quite a bit but I am still with u guys!!

homusbizarreadventure asked:
"THANK GOD YOU EXIST! I'd be really happy to see you do Protoman in palette #15. Or Zero. Take your pick."

Thank YOU for the request and the compliment!! : D

Why not both?